Val Turton

My Brother
By Dennis Turton
Val was the youngest of five (5) Turton boys. As he was quite small one of his sisters called him Pinhead Duffy after a cartoon character. The name Pinhead stuck to him through out this life.

Val followed his brothers into San Fernando RC School and then Presentation College. He played football for Presentation and like all his brothers before him was on a winning intercol team.

Val became a member of the Juniors Club and was a regular member of SAFA South Trinidad Football team. The pinnacle of his football career came when he was named

to represent Trinidad and Tobago.

Val played cricket as well and fancied himself as a more than ordinary cover point fieldsman. Val soon found that the cricket ball hits very hard, so he gave up and became ‘official’ scorer.

Work took Val to Port of Spain where he eventually followed his eldest brother and joined the Maple Club.

Val’s skills as a player, combined with his academic achievement earned him a scholarship to attend Pratt Institute in New York. In 1973 he graduated with a BSc in Food Service Management.

Val married to Shirley and they have three lovely children – Lesley, Gary and Kevin

Unfortunately, Val has left us, but to those whose lives he came into contact with, his memory lives on. He was truly a fantastic human being – loving, caring, loyal, full of pride and easy to get along with.

Valentine Alexander Turton, the youngest of eleven (11) Turton children, was born on February 16, 1935. He led a full life, which ended on Thursday July 20, 2000.

Turton_Team-1.png (178118 bytes)
This picture was taken before a game against Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry in Jamaica 1957 An English army team Result 1-1. It is interesting to note the following have passed on: Norris Young, Cax Baptiste, John Mc Vorron, and Val Turton. I do not know the status of Arthur Belgave.

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