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Naparima College - Notable Graduates

Noor Hassanali: recent President of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. In 1939, while a teacher at Naparima, he established "Founder's Day" as an annual event

Rawie Ramkissoon: 1930's, scholar, classicist, (London), later Asst Director of Education

Samuel Selvon: 1938, renowned author of several Caribbean novels, and university professor. Naparima has established a Samuel Selvon Day in his honour.

Ralph Laltoo: A graduate, scholar, Dalhousie alumnus, and subsequent influential teacher of English Literature at Naps, Mr Laltoo went on to be Principal of Queen's Royal College for many years.

James Lee Wah: A pupil of Ralph Laltoo, imbued with a similar passion for the English masters, James was a pillar at Naps for many years, in the role of Vice-Principal, and nationally-recognized dramatic arts director and promoter.

Dr Ralph R. Baney: 1948, Internationally known artist and sculptor, graduate of Brighton School of Art and University of Maryland, currently resident in Washington, D.C., Ralph has enjoyed a distinguished career in his field, and has numerous public and private works in at least three countries.

Horace James: 1940's. Nationally-acclaimed comedian and playwright, and radio personality,

Sir Trevor McDonald: 1959. Radio broadcaster at Naparima's Blue Circle Network, Trinidad's 610, and the UK's Independent TV, Trevor was recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, as 'Keeper of the English Language" in the UK.

Ralph Maraj: Nationally-renowned actor, writer, teacher, and political figure, Ralph is the Minister of External Affairs in the present government.

Dr Brinsley Samaroo: Brins is a beloved figure among his contemporaries, a history scholar and chronicler of the Indian history of Trinidad, long-time professor at University of the West Indies, and former minister of the national government.

Dr Allan MacKenw: A contemporary of Mr Lee Wah's and fellow student of the literary arts, Allan was the second Trinidadian-born principal of the school, a position he held for over thirty years.

Dr Vemon Mulchansingh: Head of Geography Department at UWI, Jamaica

Dr Kenneth Ramchand: A pupil of Mr Lee Wah's, Kenneth is a world-wide authority in West Indian literature, and is a Professor of English at UWI, St. Augustine,

Mervyn Dymally: Born in Cedros, Trinidad, on May 12, 1926, Mervyn M. Dymally became a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1981 following a diverse career in education and government, which included Lieutenant-Governor of the State of California.

Len Traboulay: Born September 19,1934 in San Femando, attended Naparima College, University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta. Elected Mayor of Port Coquitlam, B.C. in 1981

Dr. Lall R. Sawh: Awarded Chaconia Gold Medal in 1994 for outstanding service in the field of medicine in Trinidad & Tobago. Recognized as the first surgeon to perform kidney transplant operation in the Caribbean; first to introduce "button-hole" surgery to the Caribbean; first to import lithotripsy machine for minor kidney surgery without incision. Recognized as a distinguished individual in "Who's Who in the World" since 1993. Currently an associate lecturer at Mt. Hope and personal urologist to the President of T&T. While at Naparima College, he served as Head Boy while in Sixth Form, then went on to study medicine in Jamaica, where he graduated top of the Caribbean, and was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to continue his post-graduate studies in Scotland.

George Winston MacKenzie: George, younger brother of our former principal, entered
the diplomatic service for T&T as a young man, and served as our ambassador in
Guiana, London and elsewhere. He is currently the Permanent Ambassador to the
United Nations in New York.

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